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AP Biology

For the first 3 assignments below, you can download questions and info from the "Download Handouts & Notes" link above.

  1. Due 9/5:    Read the New York Times article “Some of My Best Friends are Germs.”  Answer the questions in the handout and hand it in on the first day of school for a grade.
  2. Due 9/5:    Find and print out an online article from a current (2018) newspaper/magazine article related to the topic of microbiomes and/or FMTs.  Ideas pertaining to bacteriotherapy, OpenBiome and related digestive disease should be included.  Read the article and summarize it with at least 20 facts.  Your first fact should include the definition for microbiota and/ or FMTs.  The article should be from a reliable site or newspaper/magazine.  When printing out the article, be sure to include the source.
  3. Due 9/7:  Collect at least 8 pill bugs (otherwise known as rolly pollies or isopods) as you can find under rocks or logs.  These arthropods will be used for our first lab later that week or the second week of school.  Place the isopods in a ventilated plastic container with some soil and leaves to keep them alive.  Your collection will be included in your lab grade. 
  • Due 9/6:  Signed safety agreement.  Also, read Microbiome article #2 & provide your argument for or against participating in the procedure (as either donor or recipient).  Watch this video for class discussion, take a few notes.
  • Due 9/7:  Read Microbiome article #3, answer questions and relate the change in sex to a change in pill bug behavior.
  • Due 9/12:  Read Pill Bug lab pp. 8-12.  Find 10-15 facts on Pill Bugs
  • Due 9/17:  Pill Bug Lab due
  • Due 9/18:  Note Packet Ecology p. 5
  • Due 9/20:  10-15 Termite Facts (include microbiome in a few facts) AND watch this YouTube video and summarize with 5-10 facts.  Thanks!
  • Due 9/25:  r vs. K calculations of population growth
  • Due 9/28:  Eutrophication and Productivity handout
  • Due 10/3:  Multiple Choice Ecology packet
  • Due 10/9:  Water handouts
  • Due 10/12:  Carbon & organic molecules handout
  • Due 10/16:  Carbon Cross-word puzzle
  • Due 10/18:  Cell organelles

CAP Anatomy & Physiology

  • Due 9/7:  Signed safety agreement and find 10 Facts on the Golden Ratio (phi) and how it relates to the Fibonacci sequence & beauty.
  • Due 9/12:  Take the perfect selfie.  No duck lips, filters, smiling, etc.  Read lab manual pp. 9-13.
  • Due 9/21:  Water hydration calculation:  Print out your report from this Water Calculator website after answering questions about your water intake:  
  • Due 9/24:  Water or drink nutrition label
  • Due 9/26:  Water definitions (packet)
  • Due 10/1:  Snack nutrition label
  • Due 10/2:  Watch this video and provide 5-10 facts about it in your notes.  Watch this video and provide 5-8 facts about it in your notes too!  Thanks!
  • Due 10/4:  Protein definitions p. 6 in note packet
  • Due 10/11:  Nutrition Label lab
  • Due 10/12:  Review handout on organic molecules

AP Biology

Pill Bug Animal Behavior Lab 9/13-9/14

Quiz on FMT & Behavior 9/17

Termite Lab 9/27

Pop Quiz 9/28 (cycles, eutrophication, succession, populations)

Test Ecology 10/4

DO lab due 10/5

Quiz on cycles, water and organic molecules 10/12, lol

Test on organic molecules & eutrophication 10/17

Lab Enzymes 10/15

CAP Anatomy & Physiology

Fibonacci Lab 9/12-9/13

Vitruvian Man Lab 9/15-9/17

Quiz on Labs 1 & 2 Friday 9/21

Nutrition label lab 10/9

Nutrition label quiz 10/12

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