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AP Biology

For the first 3 assignments below, you can download questions and info from the "Download Handouts & Notes" link above.

  1. Due 9/5:    Read the New York Times article “Some of My Best Friends are Germs.”  Answer the questions in the handout and hand it in on the first day of school for a grade.
  2. Due 9/5:    Find and print out an online article from a current (2018) newspaper/magazine article related to the topic of microbiomes and/or FMTs.  Ideas pertaining to bacteriotherapy, OpenBiome and related digestive disease should be included.  Read the article and summarize it with at least 20 facts.  Your first fact should include the definition for microbiota and/ or FMTs.  The article should be from a reliable site or newspaper/magazine.  When printing out the article, be sure to include the source.
  3. Due 9/7:  Collect at least 8 pill bugs (otherwise known as rolly pollies or isopods) as you can find under rocks or logs.  These arthropods will be used for our first lab later that week or the second week of school.  Place the isopods in a ventilated plastic container with some soil and leaves to keep them alive.  Your collection will be included in your lab grade. 
  • Due 9/6:  Signed safety agreement.  Also, read Microbiome article #2 & provide your argument for or against participating in the procedure (as either donor or recipient).  Watch this video for class discussion, take a few notes.
  • Due 9/7:  Read Microbiome article #3, answer questions and relate the change in sex to a change in pill bug behavior.
  • Due 9/12:  Read Pill Bug lab pp. 8-12.  Find 10-15 facts on Pill Bugs
  • Due 9/17:  Pill Bug Lab due
  • Due 9/18:  Note Packet Ecology p. 5
  • Due 9/20:  10-15 Termite Facts (include microbiome in a few facts) AND watch this YouTube video and summarize with 5-10 facts.  Thanks!
  • Due 9/25:  r vs. K calculations of population growth
  • Due 9/28:  Eutrophication and Productivity handout
  • Due 10/3:  Multiple Choice Ecology packet
  • Due 10/9:  Water handouts
  • Due 10/12:  Carbon & organic molecules handout
  • Due 10/16:  Carbon Cross-word puzzle
  • Due 10/18:  Cell organelles
  • Due 10/23:  Organelles packet of questions
  • Due 10/24:  Enzyme Lab #2
  • Due 10/25:  Endomembrane System handout
  • Due 10/29:  Cell lab & cell multiple choice download here
  • Due 11/1:  Watch Cell video #1, Cell video #2 and cell video #3:  Summarize the videos with AT LEAST 10 facts EACH.  I suggest you pay close attention to each video as they cover material important to the course for the remainder of the year!
  • Due 11/7:  Solute potential problems
  • Due 11/13:  Videos:  Provide a summary of each one with 5-10 facts on Respiration:  Video #1, Video #2
  • Due 11/15:  Respiration Chart
  • Due 11/19:  Respiration handout & article summary (5-10 facts)
  • Due 11/26:  Data for the Yeast lab is now posted here.  You can also click here to open the data image.  You should make a bar graph for the lab and work on the lab report this weekend.  If you don't have your lab manual, well, *sigh* I don't know what to tell you.  Also, watch this video on Respiration & Photosynthesis and list a bunch of facts.  15 at least should be enough.  I will check your NAD+ article summary, I haven't forgotten.
  • Due 11/29:  Respiration Packet last 2 pages (fill-in and short answer questions).
  • Due 12/3:  HW photosynthesis packet (fill in picture, MC and short answer pages) and photosynthesis lab
  • Due 12/4:  Take home quiz
  • Due 12/6:  Chromosome packet
  • Due 12/10:  Mitosis packet
  • Due 12/12:  Mitosis MC and crossword
  • Due 12/19:  Meiosis packet
  • Due 12/21:  Chapters 1-5 HeLa book
  • Due 1/2:  Read through Parts I and II (Life, Death) in HeLa book.  Quiz dates noted in Announcement section below.
  • Due 1/7:  Read HeLa Chapters 23-28 inclusive.  Quiz 1/7. 
  • Due 1/8:  Chapter 14 Mendel Genetics problems handout (posted here under AP Biology).
  • Due 1/11:  Handout Chapter 15 Genetics problems handout #2
  • Due 1/14:  Read through Chapter 38 in HeLa
  • Due 1/15:  Read HeLa articles & summarize
  • Due 1/18:  DNA replication handout
  • Due 1/24:  Midterm Exam 7:30 am
  • Due 1/28:  DNA replication handout #2
  • Due 1/30:  RNA Transcription/Translation handout
  • Due 2/1:  Watch and summarize this video on Epigenetics to prepare for lab Friday
  • Due 2/4:  Chapter 18 Control of Gene expression question packet and summarize this truly enjoyable video on HOX genes and regulation of transcription factors.   Provide 10 facts (you may wish to replay, slow down or pause the video to read the subtitles).
  • Due 2/6:  Read two articles:  Crayfish Cloning and What Cancer Smells Like and summarize using question sheets (or summarize 10 facts if you don't have the physical articles).
  • Due 2/11:  Virus/bacteria MC questions from note packet
  • Due 2/13:  Summarize with 10-15 facts CRISPR-CAS9 from this enjoyable video and other sources. 

CAP Anatomy & Physiology

  • Due 9/7:  Signed safety agreement and find 10 Facts on the Golden Ratio (phi) and how it relates to the Fibonacci sequence & beauty.
  • Due 9/12:  Take the perfect selfie.  No duck lips, filters, smiling, etc.  Read lab manual pp. 9-13.
  • Due 9/21:  Water hydration calculation:  Print out your report from this Water Calculator website after answering questions about your water intake:  
  • Due 9/24:  Water or drink nutrition label
  • Due 9/26:  Water definitions (packet)
  • Due 10/1:  Snack nutrition label
  • Due 10/2:  Watch this video and provide 5-10 facts about it in your notes.  Watch this video and provide 5-8 facts about it in your notes too!  Thanks!
  • Due 10/4:  Protein definitions p. 6 in note packet
  • Due 10/11:  Nutrition Label lab
  • Due 10/12:  Review handout on organic molecules
  • Due 10/17:  Cell organelle chart
  • Due 10/19:  Watch this awesome video on Epithelial Cells and provide about 10 facts about it!
  • Due 10/23:  Watch this other awesome video on Tissues and provide about 10 facts about it!
  • Due 10/26:  Cell handout
  • Due 10/31:  Cell layers handout download here
  • Due 11/6:  Okay, three things:  (1) Watch this video and provide a summary of about 10 facts.  (2) Do a Google search of the HIV virus and print it out with labels.  (3)  Find out 4 ways the virus interacts with the immune system.
  • Due 11/9:  Page one of Immune packet
  • Due 11/14:  What is the ELISA test?  What is it for?  How does it work?  Provide 5-8 facts!
  • Due 11/19:  HIV lab
  • Due 11/26:  Have a nice Thanksgiving.  Your Research Project for St. John's credit is coming soon...
  • Due 11/28:  Work on fill in questions on pages 2, 4 and 6 of you immune system packet.  Test Thursday!!
  • Due 12/5:  Neurotransmitter defintions
  • Due 12/6:  Tickle your rat article and summary
  • Due 12/10:  Print out eye diagram with labels.  What are rods & cones?  Where are they in the eye?
  • Due 12/12:  Print out an ear diagram with labels.  What does the cochlea do?  How does it help one hear?
  • Due 12/18:  Find a list of differences between the left and right brain hemispheres.
  • Due 1/7:  Brain & Neurons Nervous System Handout posted here under CAP Anatomy
  • Due 1/14:  Watch the following videos and summarize each video with 7 facts to share Monday!!  Video #1  Video #2
  • Due 1/16:  Practice Midterm Worksheets
  • Due 1/22:  Watch the videos listed to the right on this CrashCourse Webpage.  Midterm exam 12:15 pm.
  • Due 1/30:  Endocrine organ packet:   insert HW here
  • Due 2/1:  Print out a labeled graph or diagram of the menstrual cycle and define what the role of the following 4 hormones are in the menstrual cycle:  estrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH
  • Due 2/5:  Summarize this Crash Course video with 10-12 facts about the menstrual cycle and female reproductive system.
  • Due 2/12:  How do insulin & glucagon regulate glucose levels in the blood?  8-10 facts.

AP Biology

Pill Bug Animal Behavior Lab 9/13-9/14

Quiz on FMT & Behavior 9/17

Termite Lab 9/27

Pop Quiz 9/28 (cycles, eutrophication, succession, populations)

Test Ecology 10/4

DO lab due 10/5

Quiz on cycles, water and organic molecules 10/12, lol

Test on organic molecules & eutrophication 10/17

Lab Enzymes 10/15

Lab Enzymes #2 10/19-10/22

Lab Cells 10/24-10/25, due 10/29

Cell Quiz 10/26

Diffusion through a Membrane lab 11/1-11/2

Test Friday 11/9

Yeast lab 11/16

Respiration quiz 11/19 !!!!

Photosynthesis Lab 11/28 and 11/30, due 12/3

Take home quiz 12/3 due 12/4

Scratch-off quiz 12/14

Mitosis lab due 12/17

Mitosis, Meiosis, Photosynthesis, Respiration Test 12/20

HeLa Quiz #1 Chapters 1-5 on 12/21

HeLa Quiz #2 Part I on 1/2

HeLa Quiz #3 Part II on 1/3

HeLa Quiz #4 Chapters 23-28 inclusive on 1/7

Genetics Quiz 1/9

Midterm 1/24  Thursday 7:30-9:00

Labs 1/28 and 2/1:  Drosophila and Gene Expression respectively

Quiz 2/1 RNA, DNA, Gene expression

Labs:  Fruit flies and Epigenetics Labs

Quiz 2/8 Genetics

CAP Anatomy & Physiology

Fibonacci Lab 9/12-9/13

Vitruvian Man Lab 9/15-9/17

Quiz on Labs 1 & 2 Friday 9/21

Nutrition label lab 10/9

Nutrition label quiz 10/12

Cell lab 10/19-10/23, Due 10/24

Cell Quiz 10/26

Immune system lab 11/14-11/15

Toothbrush and WBC lab... due after Thanksgiving

Test Immune system 11/30

Scratch-off Quiz 12/14

Nervous system lab due 12/18

L/R Brain Lab due 1/4

Eye Dissection lab due 1/8

Nervous System & Senses quiz 1/9


Midterm 1/22 Tuesday 12:15-1:45

2/5-2/11 Menstrual Cycle Lab

Quiz 2/8 Endocrine system

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