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AP Biology

For the first 3 assignments below, you can download questions and info from the "Download Handouts & Notes" link above.

  1. Due 9/5:    Read the New York Times article “Some of My Best Friends are Germs.”  Answer the questions in the handout and hand it in on the first day of school for a grade.
  2. Due 9/5:    Find and print out an online article from a current (2017) newspaper/magazine article related to the topic of microbiomes and/or FMTs.  Ideas pertaining to bacteriotherapy, OpenBiome and related digestive disease should be included.  Read the article and summarize it with at least 20 facts.  Your first fact should include the definition for microbiota and/ or FMTs.  The article should be from a reliable site or newspaper/magazine.  When printing out the article, be sure to include the source.
  3. Due 9/6:  Collect at least 6 pill bugs (otherwise known as rolly pollies or isopods) as you can find under rocks or logs.  These arthropods will be used for our first lab later that week or the second week of school.  Place the isopods in a ventilated plastic container with some soil and leaves to keep them alive.  Your collection will be included in your lab grade. 
  • Due 9/6:  Signed safety agreement
                Read Microbiome article #2 & summarize with 8-10 facts.

                Watch this video for class discussion, take a few notes.

  • Due 9/7:  Read Microbiome article #3 & summarize with 5 facts and find 10 interesting facts about pill bugs (isopods).
  • Due 9/11:  Answer questions from page 5 in your note packet.  Also, consider what other variable you want to test on your pill bugs in part 2 of the lab.
  • Due 9/12:  Pill Bug Lab
  • Due 9/13:  Provide a reaction, a question and 3 facts for each video linked here:  video 1     video 2
  • Due 9/14:  12 facts on termite microbiomes and behaviors
  • Due 9/18:  Handout on Biomes & Productivity
  • Due 9/20:  Practice population calculation questions.
  • Due 9/25:  Multiple choice practice problems packet.
  • Due 9/26:  Fill in charts on page 15 in note packet and answer Tardigrade lab questions.
  • Due 9/29:  Graphing packet.  Test Friday!
  • Due 10/3:  Water packet, both sides of last page.
  • Due 10/5:  Watch & summarize this YouTube video on metabolism & organic molecules.  Provide 15 facts.  (You may want to try watching at 0.75 speed, found on the video settings gear.)
  • Due 10/6:  Organic Molecules cross-word puzzle.
  • Due 10/10:  Molecular Biology Worksheet
  • Due 10/13:  Watch & summarize this YouTube video on enzymes.  Provide 15 facts for discussion on Friday!
  • Due 10/17:  Practice problems from are below (click "Open this in a new window" once you click on each quiz):  
  • Due 10/20:  Cell organelle definitions in cell packet
  • Due 10/24:  Cell multiple choice packet.
  • Due 10/25:  Crossword puzzle:  cells
  • Due 10/26:  Watch these videos for help studying for the cell quiz:  Animal cells, Plant cells, Protists vs. Bacteria
  • Due 11/2:  Membrane potential handout #1
  • Due 11/3:  Membrane potential handout #2
  • Due 11/6:  Membrane potential handout #3
  • Due 11/8:  Please download these problems and solve them.  Bring your handout with you to review 11/8.  Test Thursday 11/9.  This is a link to a membrane video on Crash Course.  You can use the links above to find the old videos to watch more great biology content.
  • Varsity tutor links are below for test practice.  Good luck...
  • Due 11/13:  Read/summarize the article on NAD+ here.
  • Due 11/15:  Multiple choice handout on cellular respiration.  Also, finish your respiration chart and paragraph fill-in in the note packet.
  • Here's a video of Hank Green doing cellular respiration. Study for the quiz tomorrow....
  • Due 11/21:  Work on MC questions in Photosynthesis packet.
  • Due 11/27:  You can find the handout on Photosynthesis & Respiration (it says it's a test) on the download page.  Also, read part 2 of Photosynthesis lab.  Yeast lab and exit ticket past due.  
  • Due 12/4:  Chromosome definitions packet.
  • Due 12/6:  Mitosis packet definitions and questions.
  • Due 12/7:  Mitosis MC and crossword puzzle
  • Read article on Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor and answer questions at end of each section for discussion tomorrow.  If you don't have the reading, use this link and this link too for similar articles and just summarize them.
  • Due 12/11:  What does cancer smell like?  Article & summary questions.
  • Due 12/14:  Meiosis Packet
  • Due 12/15:  Read Chapters 1-5 HeLa
  • Due 12/18:  Read through page 104 HeLa
  • Due 12/19:  Take home test mitosis & meiosis (see download page for exam)
  • Due 12/22:  Read through chapter 20 in HeLa
  • Due 1/2:  Read through chapter 30 in HeLa
  • Due 1/5:  Handout on Genetics
  • Due 1/8:  Finish HeLa book.  Take down some questions and issues you have with the last 6 chapters and afterword.
  • Due 1/10:  Two readings on HeLa and Rebecca Skloot (summarize one, answer questions for the other).
  • Due 1/11:  define topisomerase, polymerase, primase, ligase, helicase
  • Due 1/12:  Start DNA lab pages 71-77 of lab manual.  We will do coloring/cutting/pasting sections in class Friday
  • Due 1/16:  DNA handout (download here to get a copy)
  • Due 1/26:  Watch, summarize (bullets is fine) and enjoy these three short videos on genetics.  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.  
  • Due 1/29:  What is epigenetics?  ~8 facts and print out an impressive picture that shows the process of methylation.
  • Due 1/31:  MC handout on Control of Gene Expression
  • Due 2/1:  Labs & Exit Tickets 17 & 18 (Epigenetics & Hox Genes)
  • Due 2/7:  Watch and summarize these 3 videos on CRISPR-Cas9, GMOs and movies encoded on DNA.  Play the videos with closed captions (CC) on.
  • Due 2/9:  Read this first, then watch this.  Summarize both with 5-8 statements each.  Quiz Friday 2/9 on Chi-square and genetics enzymes
  • Due 2/12:  Gel Electrophoresis:  Sort & See lab (pp. 87-89) in lab manual
  • Due 2/26:  Bacterial Transformation lab (with pictures) and Fruit Fly lab.  ALSO, the definitions on both sides of the evolution packet.
  • Due 2/28:  Watch this video and this video and summarize each with 10-12 bullet points.  Pay attention to the trees being drawn & discussed...
  • Due 3/1:  Read lab pages 101-107.  On page 104, explain what is meant by "interpolated distance."  Look it up online with respect to gel electrophoresis fragment sizes if you have to.
  • Due 3/5:  Gel electrophoresis lab and all other labs are officially late (10 points off).
  • Due 3/7:  Chapter 24 Speciation MC handout (download a copy on the Handouts page).  Gel lab due!!
  • Due 3/12:  Chapter 23 Hardy Weinberg equilibrium questions (download a copy on the Handouts page).
  • Also Due 3/12:  Phylogenetic tree lab starting on page 115 of lab manual.  
  • Due 3/21:  Immune system definitions pages 2-3 human packet
  • Due 3/23:  Crash Course Video summaries of immune system:  7 facts from each video.  Video #1, Video #2, Video #3
  • Due 3/26:  Define nervous system terms page 5 of packet.  Also define nerve cell anatomy terms page 5.  On page 6, define parts to the brain.
  • Due 4/9:  Work on AP Biology Model Test I
  • Due 4/13:  Work on AP Biology Model Test II.  Writing sample in class Friday
  • Due 4/18:  Writing sample #3:  Model Test II Free response question 1
  • Due 4/23:  Grid in questions (blue handout) #1
  • Due 4/24:  New York Times Microbiome article (read, answer questions) 
  • Due 4/26:  Grid in questions (yellow handout) #2
  • Due 4/30:  Topic 7 Review book questions pages 204-210.
  • Due 5/3:  Topic 3 Review book questions pages 92-100.
  • Due 5/7:  Topic 5 Review book questions pages 152-160.
  • Due 5/12:  Summarize this Video on Microbiomes we watched in class on Thursday 5/10.
  • Due 5/31:  Homunculus Lab
  • Due 6/11:  Rat Lab Dissection

CAP Anatomy & Physiology

Due 9/7:  Signed safety agreement and find 10 Facts on the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio (phi).

Due 9/12:  8-10 facts about the Vitruvian Man & how it relates to human anatomy.

Due 9/18:  Water and Snack nutrition labels

Due 9/19:  Use this website to calculate your water intake based on your habits.  Print out your results and bring it to class.  Paper copy only, no phones.

Due 9/20:  Work on water properties definitions page (last page of water note packet).

Due 9/27:  Watch this YouTube video.  Write 15 facts about it as you watch for homework/activity.

Due 10/4:  Watch this Crash Course video on YouTube.  Write 15 facts about it as you watch for homework and another activity!

Due 10/13:  Finish organic molecules worksheet.  Study for test Friday.

Due 10/19:  Organelle definitions in cell packet.

Due 10/25:  Cell packet

Due 10/31:  Watch & summarize this video on Types of Tissue and this video on Epithelium Tissue.  Summarize each with 8 facts each.  Study for your quiz tomorrow!!

Due 11/3:  Crossword and T/F handout

Due 11/14:  HIV:  summarize facts about the virus, CD4 receptors and CD4 cells.

Due 11/16:  Find 5-8 facts on ELISA tests.  What does it test for?  How does it work?

Due 11/21:  What is immunotherapy?  5 facts please.

Due 11/28:  Immune handout.  Watch Crash Course Videos #1, #2 and #3 on YouTube to review for test Thursday.

Due 12/6:  Reaction time vs. Reflexes:  8 facts

Due 12/7:  Tickle a rat NY Times article:  Read & answer questions

Due 12/8:  Read Lab starting p. 40

Due 12/13:  Nerve cell & brain handout

Due 12/14:  What is the "McGurk Effect?"  5-10 facts please!

Due 12/19:  Nervous System handout.  Quiz 12/19.  Study!!

Due 12/22:  Provide 5-8 facts about you that make you either left or right brain dominant.

Due 1/5:  Watch videos on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and summarize each with 5-10 facts each.  Thanks!

Due 1/10:  Watch this video on how to dissect a cow's eye and summarize 10 facts TO BE HANDED IN on Wednesday 1/10.

Due 1/12:  8 facts about the Endocrine System

Due 1/18:  Midterm review handout & YOUR questions to me about the midterm

Due 1/31:  Watch and summarize this Crash Course Video with 8-10 facts 

Due 2/5:  Endocrine & Nervous System MC Handout

Due 2/8:  Watch this video on Endocrine system glands and summarize with 12-15 facts.  Quiz Friday!

Due 2/15:  Watch this video on males and this video on females and summarize each with about 8 facts.

Due 2/28:  Reproduction handout.  Test Friday 3/2 (reproduction)

Due 3/2:  Watch this video on reproductive system for your test on Friday 3/2.  Hand in your facts for extra credit (don't forget your name)!!

Due 3/7:  Define 8 organs on page 2 of the digestive system packet.

Due 3/9:  Define digestive terms on page 74 lab manual

Due 3/21:  Digestive crossword puzzle.

Due 3/23:  Article summary on your microbiome and hunger.  (click link)

Due 4/11:  Definitions page 4 of circulatory packet.

Due 4/13:  What is bradycardia?  How does it involve the trigeminal nerve?  What is the dive reflex?

Due 4/23:  Summarize Crash Course videos on blood.  8-10 Facts each please for Monday!  Video #1  Video #2

Due 4/27:  Review handout on circulatory system.  Work on blood lab.  Quiz Friday- blood lab.

Due 4/3:  Watch these two videos and provide 8-10 facts for each one regarding the respiratory system.  Video 1 and Video 2 (click each for a fun watch!)

Due 5/7:  Take home exam on circulation

Due 5/8:  Define tidal volume, vital capacity, asthma, emphysema

Due 5/12:  Handout on respiration

Due 5/17:  Respiration crossword and broken heart article

Due 5/21:  Urinalysis purpose.  List as many reasons to perform a urinalysis test on a patient.

Due 5/24:  Watch video 1 and video 2 on the excretory system and summarize each with 8 facts (that's 16 facts total).  Thanks & enjoy!

Due 6/4:  Take home quiz on Excretory System!

Due 6/8:  Pig Lab Dissection

AP Biology

Pill Bug Animal Behavior Lab 9/8-9/11

Quiz on FMT & Behavior 9/12

Termite Lab 9/14-9/15

Quiz Wed 9/20

Tardigrade lab due 9/26

DO lab due 9/28

Test ecology 9/29

Quiz biochemistry 10/6

Lab Cells 10/26

Quiz Cells 10/26

Membrane lab due 11/3

Cell exam 11/9

Yeast Lab 11/15

Respiration quiz 11/17

Photosynthesis test 11/29

Photosynthesis lab due 11/30

Mitosis/Meiosis Lab due 12/14

Fetus/embryo lab due 12/13

Quiz Genetics 1/9

Midterm 1/24

Epigenetics Lab 1/31

Hox lab 2/2

Plasmid lab 2/5

Genetics quiz 2/9-2/12

Gel Lab I 2/12

Transformation lab 2/26

Fly lab 2/26

Phylogenic quiz 3/2

Gel lab 3/5

Phylogenetic lab due 3/13

Evo-Devo exam 3/16

Hardy-Weinberg lab due 3/23

Mouse party lab 3/30

CAP Anatomy & Physiology

Fibonacci Lab 9/8-9/11

Quiz on Labs 1 & 2  Friday 9/15

Vitruvian Man lab 9/14-9/15

Nutrition labels lab:  9/21

Test Biochemistry 10/13

Lab Cells

Immune system quiz 11/17

HIV sex lab 11/17

Immune test 11/30 

Reflexes vs. Reaction time lab 12/22

L/R brain lab 1/9

Eye dissection lab 1/11

Menstrual cycle lab 2/2-2/9

Reproduction test 3/2

Digestion Lab due 3/22

Digestive system quiz Friday 3/23

Bradycardia lab 4/16

Blood lab 4/26

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