Mr. Mennecke's Regents Living Environment

Regents Biology:  The Living Environment

Welcome to Regents Living Environment!

This course is designed to provide you with an awareness of the natural world, a basic understanding of biological processes and a greater respect for living organisms and how they function and interact.

There will be a minimum of 1200 lab minutes worth of work to be completed & handed in this year.  Four labs will be New York State Regents Labs which will appear on the Regents exam in June.  Lab manuals will be provided so that you may keep all of your finished lab work in the class for evaluation.  Homework will be assigned almost every night.  Tests, quizzes & projects will be based on material covered in class.  Scientific literacy, writing skills such as journal keeping & creativity will be stressed as well.

1)    Tests, quizzes, labs and projects will be scored on a point system.  Tests & projects are worth more points than quizzes.  Work must be made up within one week of being absent.

2)    Completed homework assignments worth 10 points each will be added up & counted as a quiz grade.  You will receive one Mennecke buck for each homework completed on time.  These bucks can be cashed in for bonus points on tests & quizzes.

3)    Missed homework counts against the homework quiz grade.

4)    ON TIME participation in class and being prepared each day will count towards a participation quiz grade worth up to 20% of your grade.  This grade can include “pop” quizzes, a “do now,” group lab work, participation in class and having all supplies with you when you come to class ON TIME. 

5)    All points will be added up at the end of the marking period and divided by the total number of points for a marking period grade.

6)    Web sites such as,,, and others will be vital to your success.  Castlelearning assignments will be given on a regular basis as either homework or take-home quiz work.


Supplies you will need:

1)    3 ring binder or spiral notebook

2)    folder

3)    #2 pencils

4)    pens

5)    colored pencils

6)    text book (stays at home)

There will be a cumulative Regents exam administered at the end of June to test your knowledge of biology. 

We will review for the Regents exam at the end of the year.


Here are the topics we will learn this year:

1)    Ecology:  The study of the Environment and Living Organisms

2)    Change & Evolution

3)    Reproduction & Development

4)    Dynamic Equilibrium- Homeostasis and a Healthy Human Body

5)    Genetics

6)    Humans and Our Impact on the Environment

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