Mr. Mennecke's Science Classes

Valuable Websites

Below is a list of websites you should visit often to assist you with this class. 

Click on the link or copy it into the search field of your web browser to open the page.

Create graphs of your lab data

Glossary of Biology Terms

Great Biology Games and Simulations

Dolan DNA learning center resources for students

Lab simulations and animations

Lab simulations and animations

Cell biology explained in great detail

Simulate changes in peppered moth genes as they are eaten by birds

Lectures, animations and interactive simulations from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

AP Biology labs and simulations explained

Original, entertaining, interactive biology learning activities  

Marmarth Research Foundation

Regents practice tests for Living Environment students

Practice Regents questions for Living Environment students.

AP Biology Flash Cards


AP Biology Wiki
Tasmanian Devil Facial Cancer Article

Register for your AP Biology scores you will receive in July.

Online quizzes for each chapter of AP Biology

Human anatomy information

Harvard University Biovisions

Question Cube Creator

Where is Marmarth, North Dakota?  See below and discover one of the most fossil rich places for dinosaurs in North America!

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