Islip High School

AP Bio

Due 9/12: Text: p. 1145 questions 9 and 10 and p. 1197 question 12. Due 9/15: 10 facts on termite communication and Trichonympha. Due 9/17: Termite and Tardigrade labs due Due 9/19: Watch the following Crash Course shows and summarize EACH with 10 facts. Due 9/23: Multiple choice question packet "Ecology Ch. 51-56." See downloads section for a copy. Due 9/24: Read the following article and write a short reaction of 5-10 sentences: Due 9/29: Watch the following Crash Course shows and summarize EACH with 10 facts. Due 10/1: Last two pages of the water packet. Due 10/3: Handout on Organic molecules. Due 10/7: Text: p. 74 Q 1-3, p. 77 Q 1-3, p. 86 Q 1-3. Due 10/10: Biochem review handout. Due 10/14: Try these multiple choice questions, then email me your results at Due 10/16: Page one of cell chart: organelles definitions and cell types Due 10/20: finish cell packet definitions. Due 10/22: 8 facts on DYNEIN. Due 10/24: Handout on cells. Due 10/28: Read and comment (opinion, reaction and 5 facts) on the following NYT article: AND watch this Crash Course video and summarize at least 10 facts: Due 10/29: Read Cell Membrane lab pp. 52-56. Pay attention to page 54. What is meant by water potential? Due 11/3: Handout on cell membranes Due 11/5: Handout on cell membranes #2 (see downloads section) Due 11/7: Packet of review questions, download study guide from DL section! Due 11/12: Work on review chart in handout on respiration. Due 11/14: Respiration packet, finish fill in section. Due 11/17: Respiration handout MC questions (see download section). Due 11/20: Photosynthesis handout. Due 12/1: Handout on Mitosis/Cell Division (see download section for a copy) AND Read this article and comment on it. Provide at least 6 facts in your summary.{%222%22%3A%22RI%3A17%22}&_r=0 Due 12/3: Mitosis handout (see downloads) Due 12/5: Meiosis definitions and chart 2. Due 12/8: Finish Meiosis Packet Due 12/9: Lab p. 73-78. Hand in ON TIME Tuesday 12/9. Due 12/10: Take home test (see download section- linked 24 hours only) Due 12/12: Periods 1/2: Read HeLa to page 86. Periods 4/5: Punnett questions from packet Due 12/15: Periods 1/2: Read HeLa to page 143, quiz Monday. Periods 4/5: Read Tasmanian Devil and Dog articles and answer questions/compare articles. Due 12/17: Periods 1/2: Read HeLa to page 176 for Thursday. Periods 4/5: Text: pp. 303-4, questions 1, 3, 17. Due 12/19: Cancer article summary. Due 1/5: Periods 1/2: Read part III of HeLa and answer 8 of the 15 chapter questions on your iPad Copia app. Periods 4/5: Read the first 13 chapters of HeLa and answer 8 of 13 questions on your iPad Copia app. Due 1/8: Periods 1/2: Answer 3 of the 5 questions. Periods 4/5: Read the rest of part II on the iPad for your quiz on HeLa. Due 1/9: Periods 1/2: Answer article summary questions from "What Does Cancer Smell Like?" Periods 4/5: Read HeLa through Chapter 30. Answer 4 copia questions. Due 1/12: Periods 1/2: DNA handout (see download section for a copy). Periods 4/5: Same as above. Due: 1/14: Periods 1/2: RNA handout chapter 17 (see download section for a copy). Due 1/16: Finish HeLa Part III Due 1/20: Periods 1/2: Read and answer questions for Tasmanian Devil cancer and dog cancer. Periods 4/5: Answer 3/5 HeLa questions on summary handout. See download section for a copy. Due 1/22: Chapter 18 handout on gene expression. Due 1/23: Define: Chi square test, null hypothesis, degrees of freedom, write the equation for the chi square test. Due 1/30: Watch the following videos and summarize each with 8-10 facts. Thanks and good luck on midterms and other stuff... Due 2/6: Error bar graphing questions. Due 2/9: Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria MC questions Due 2/11: What is DNA sequencing? How does it work and what's it used for? Due 2/13: Read & Watch the following and summarize each for class discussion on Friday. Read this: Watch this: Due 2/23: Read chapters 15, 14, 13, 7 and 8 from The Sports Gene on your COPIA iPad app and answer the questions within the chapters. Also, define the evolution terms in the note packet. Ideally, you should define both sides of page 1. At the very least, you should define the first set of words on the first side of page 1. Thanks. Due 2/25: Read Its Buggy Out There on the New York Times website here: and please comment/react with 5-8 statements in the context of the microbiota we've been discussing all year. I was amazed by this article btw... Due 2/26: Gel lab questions pages 113-115. Due 2/27: Sympatric vs. Allopatric speciation. List differences. Due 3/2: Work on Lab manual practice gel pages 103-105. Due 3/4: Speciation handout Due 3/5: Biotechnology lab Due 3/10: Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium handout. Due 3/13: Phylogenetic Tree picture Due 3/16: Review Book: pages 164-170 questions on Evolution. If you don't have a review book, or a picture of a review book, use these links to answer some questions and email me your results. Due 3/18: page 735 question 8. Due 3/20: Human Packet page 11 Definitions of Immune Terms. Happy Spring!! Due 3/23: Human Packet page 15 Definitions of Brain Anatomy. Due 3/27: Mouse party (last 2 pages of your human anatomy packet). Fill in all info and illustrate the receptors according to the example. Use this website: Due 3/30: Print out an accurate picture of the menstrual cycle and explain the roles of the 4 hormones involved. Due 4/1: AP review book pp. 70-75, all questions. Due 4/13: AP practice test should show serious evidence at answering most questions. Due 4/14: Page 3 digestive organs of human packet. Please define or provide the function of the organs listed on page 3. Due 4/16: To Be Handed In: Write up essay question #8, page 9. Due 4/20: Pages 114-118, all questions from review book on genetics Due 4/21: To Be Handed In: Write up essay question #3, page 5. Due 4/23: Human body MC questions Due 4/27: Grid in questions Due 4/28: Practice Lab questions in Review Book starting p. 287. Due 5/1: Click this link to access practice questions within this website. Scroll down the page that opens to see all questions. Due 5/11: Practice AP Biology questions: (use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari, NOT MS Explorer.) Crash Course with Hank Green on YouTube: Study for your AP Exam. Good luck! Due 5/22: Homunculus Lab Due 5/26: Bring in a corn or soy product you suspect is GMO Due 5/29: PCR Lab

Anatomy & Physio

Due 9/17: 6 factors that influence homeostasis Due 9/19: Determine your Basal rate metabolism here: and your 3 calorie intake values here: Due 10/1: Water nutrition label from any water drink. Due 10/3: Nutrition information from any snack food. Due 10/9: Make a list of carbs, proteins and fats. Give 6 properties of each organic chemical. Due 10/20: 8 facts on sweetness theory. Due 10/22: Read lab on Sweetness Theory Due 10/24: Read and watch this and then summarize with about 5-8 facts Due 10/28: Handout on biochemistry. Due 10/29: Handout #2 on biochemistry. See download page for a copy. Due 11/6: Read lab 6 Enzymes Due 11/14: How many kinds of catalase are there? Provide 8 facts on catalase. Due 11/19: 5 facts on Epithelial cells Due 11/21: Cell organelle definitions page 2 of packet. Due 12/3: Cell handout Due 12/8: Print out a picture of insulin receptors and a cell membrane Due 12/10: Define: cell tight junctions, desmosomes, gap junctions Due 12/12: 7 facts on capillary beds. Due 12/17: Digestive system definitions up to stomach. Due 1/7: Lab manual definitions p. 37. Due 1/8: Print out a picture of the digestive system of a shark and a pigeon. Due 1/14: Digestive system handout. Due 1/22: Print a color, labeled picture or diagram of the heart. Due 2/5: Define: systole, diastole, arrhythmia, pacemaker, ABO blood group Due 2/11: Definitions on page 4 of your circulatory system packet. Due 2/24: Respiratory system definitions Due 2/25: Pre lab survey Due 3/2: List respiratory diseases, as many as you can. How many have you had? Due 3/4: 3 steps of cellular respiration and definitions Due 3/11: Respiratory System Handout MC Questions Due 3/12: Read Lab p. 82. What is IgG? What is an ELISA test? Due 3/18: Review handout on Immune system Due 3/23: Print out a picture of a Nephron. What is a nephron? Define Glomerulus, kidney, urea, Bowman's Capsule Due 4/14: Name 5 tests for a person's reflexes. Compare reflexes to reaction time. Define both. Due 4/30: Print out a picture of action potentials and sodium/potassium pump. Due 5/4: Define: fovea, retina, rods, cones, homunculus, neurotransmitters, cerebrum Due 5/6: Define: endocrine gland, exocrine gland, oxytocin, pancreas, positive feedback, negative feedback Due 5/8: Work on page one of endocrine packet: hormones and glands and functions. Due 5/20: Distinguish between zygote, embryo and fetus in a comparison chart. Due 5/26: Summarize "The Great Sperm Race"

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